Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ninja Wobble Card

I made this Ninja card using my Silhouette Cameo. This is my very first card made using it. I put the ninja on some DCWV Halloween paper and made an easel card. Not only is it an easel card but... the ninja is also on an action wobble so its a pretty cool card. I used some black bakers twine around the inside "happy birthday" note.. to hold up the easel. :)

I'm entering this card into the following challenges:

Thanks for looking at my Scrapulation today!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1st post

SO... I'm not new to blogging but I wanted a new blog. Mainly I wanted to change my blog name.. now please bare with me it's gonna be a little time before I get it all figured out.. how to switch my other blog over and start posting here. See my other blog is named after one of my babies.. my oldest. Originally I started blogging on that blog as a simple way to keep track of her growth and milestones etc. but it slowly turned into my crafting blog. Well then I had a second baby and this is were the problem is.. now it's like.. well I have 2 lil girls but I named my blog after one of them.. thats not very fair. So I'm hoping to slowly switch it all over here so that it's not named after either girl and that way no ones feelings are hurt (lol they're 2 and 1 like they'd understand anyway).

How did I come up with the name Scrapulation? Simple.. it was my oldest (2 year old Jayden). One day she was in the office/scrapbooking room with my husband and was touching my scrapbooking stuff.. she then asked him "daddy, is this for scrapulation?" (lol) my husband said "umm... you mean scrapbooking?" she said "No. SCRAPULATION!" lol. She still calls scrapbooking "scrapulation" over 3 months later. She refuses to say scrapbooking. So I thought it made the perfect blog name.

About me... I'm 25 (26 in 5 days) and from Washington State. I've been scrapbooking for over 7.5 years now (slowly getting better), and making cards for about 1-2 years. I also recently got a sewing machine and am VERY SLOWLY learning how to sew in my free time when I'm not doing other crafts. I love to craft.. any type of crafting! I've not done jewelry making yet and don't think I want to start that venture lol, but who knows? I may some day. I love all paper crafts, really like sewing when I get a chance, I draw/sketch a lil.. and have always been a crafty/artsy person. I even do cookie decorating (that needs a lot of work though lol).  Love to party plan as well.

Aside from crafting, I own my own wedding photography business and have since 2007. I have a studio in my garage for taking pics of my daughters. I am a mommy 1st and foremost! My girls are my everything.. I have 2, Jayden born in Jan 2010 and Harmony born Sept 2011. So honestly I run low on free time.

I am married to my high school sweetheart (I was in high school he was in college so I wasn't his haha). We've been together for 8 years on Oct 15. And we just celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on August 15, 2012. He's the greatest husband anyone could ask for and the very best daddy in the world. My girls are so lucky to have such an amazing daddy! He is actually the one that got me into scrapbooking, it's one of his moms hobbys and she used to "make" him and his brothers scrapbook.. so he not only got me into it but he actually scraps with me from time to time.

I love Disney.. always have, always will. And just to prove how amazing my husband is.. he took me on a surprise trip to Disneyland when we had been dating for 3 years and proposed in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle (August 2007)!! Best engagement ever. 

We had a Disney themed wedding and even spent a 1/4 of our Honeymoon at Disney World in August 2008 (among other places).

And lets not forget Jayden's first Disney trip to Disneyland (May 2011). 
Harmony & Jayden's 1st Disney World trip (June 2012)

And we're all really excited for the very first time any of us are at Disneyland during the special Christmas light season this Dec.

My husband is a transportation  safety engineer for the Federal Government and this job has required him/us to move and travel a tiny bit. We even spent almost the entire year we were engaged in different states because he had to move 3 weeks after we got engaged. After we got married I moved with him from Washington State (where we were both born and raised) to Springfield, IL for a little over a year. 

We also lived in Cheyenne, WY for over a year. We've traveled to many MANY states together including: Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa (where we lived for a few months), Montana, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida (where we stayed for over a month), Tennessee, Arkansas,  Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utha, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Oregon... I've also lived in Cali and Hawaii when I was a baby... My husband got a new job and now we live in WA again. His new job requires him to go to different rural parts of Alaska at least once a month.. he's usually gone for anywhere from 1 week - 3 weeks out of the month (mainly in the summer). So all these places have giving me lots of good stuff to scrapbook :).

I have a Cricut Expression, Cricut Expression 2, Cricut Imagine, Cricut Gypsy, and a Silhouette Cameo. I love all of my machines and use them all fairly often. I don't know how I scrapbooked before them and I have no idea how I would now lol. I use them on any project I can!

So again.. I'm  hoping to have my posts here only soon but we'll see how that goes since I'm on a DT with my other blog. Slowly, but surely I'll start posting here and hope to have followers from my old blog switch and follow this one and gain new followers too :).

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!